Thursday, June 28, 2012

Still no followers but I'm posting again just in case LOL.  So I was thinking the other day about my fitness journey.  Sometimes I feel that I'm still this fat faker in a skinnier body.  I imagine when I go out to buy cute 'skinny' clothes everyone can see the 'old me' underneath.  Then I started thinking about what has changed in me over the past 20 years that makes me feel this way.  I used to be skinny and felt skinny, never even thought people saw me as fat.  Truth be told I was skinny-fat which is when the scale says you are skinny but you eat junk food and nothing is really toned, you're just riding the metabolism high of your youth and you don't even see the car wreck that will be your 30's and 40's.  So why do I now feel fat even though my scale and body measurements say otherwise?

I came to the conclusion that fitness is a LOT about mindset.  You get in the mindset that you're fat, you're stuck, you'll never be different and this is just what happens as you age or your genetics make you fat.  It's hard to break that mentality, very hard.  But if you don't somehow break out of that way of thinking, you beat yourself up daily with these negative thoughts and become a self fulfilling fail.  You think you're just riding out this fitness 'thing' but that you'll be fat again soon.....this won't last forever.  You hang on to your fat clothes, I'll need them again after this fitness phase is over, right?  WRONG!!!

You have to start believing in yourself.  You are getting fit!  You are doing what so many other people fail to do!  Working out, breaking a sweat and kicking some hardcore workout butt.  If you were weak you would not have made it this far.  Everyday is a challenge but I KNOW that this is a lifestyle change and in order to change your life you have to change more than one aspect of your being.   You have to change your old beliefs.

With all that said, I'm making an effort to change my way of thinking.  Instead of saying, "Oh this workout is killing me, I can't do another jump, I can't do another situp".  I'm going to cheer myself on with positive mental and verbal thoughts.  I'm going to toss out those fat clothes....there is NO going back!  I will not be a fitness failure, I can do MORE!

If you're stuck in your old mindset, break free!  That is NOT who you are anymore.  You are strong, making a healthy change for yourself and your family.  You will not be defeated by your own voice.  Kick your old body beliefs to the curb and don't look are not that person anymore!

Monday, June 11, 2012

My Introduction to the world of blogging!

My first post!  Well not too many followers as of yet so I'll keep it simple.  First I want to say welcome to my's my first blog ever.  This blog isn't just about fitness, so don't run off before I even get started.  This blog will be about family, homeschooling, teens, adoption, infertility and of course fitness (it is in the title of the blog after all so it only makes sense to throw that in from time to time).  I pray you stick around and that you can relate to some of my triumphs and struggles in family and fitness.  

So I'll get started with a simple introduction.  My name is Faith and I'm a homeschooling mother to 5, more accurate a homeschooling mother to 4 as my oldest just graduated this past Friday.  I am also an adoptive mother, and a mother with secondary infertility...which is a strange thing for others to consider when they see you have 5 children.  I've been married to my wonderful husband for 19 years and he's the most patient, loving husband I could have ever asked for. 

That's about all I can say about me, with each new post I hope to show you a bit more about my life and my journey as a mom, fitness coach and wife.  I know we'll find something in common!