Friday, February 8, 2013

February's Share the LOVE Fitness Giveaway! ~Week 2~

February's Share the LOVE Fitness Giveaway
~Week 2~
February is all about LOVE and HEARTS, right? So for the whole month of February I'll be sharing a little fitness LOVE with you! EVERY Friday in February I'll post a giveaway, a prize to get you and your heart healthy. You'll have to be on the lookout as my little heart healthy mascot might pop up at any time, he might stick around for a few hours or a whole day. So watch this blog, share it with your friends & family, and be sure to check my Facebook page and Twitter for more entries.

This giveaway and prize are the responsibility of TeamCobraFitness.  This contest is not sponsored by Beachbody, TeamBeachBody, Facebook, Twitter or any other entity mentioned.  The prize offered is a fitness related product and you, the entrant, assume all responsibility in checking with your physician to assess your health prior to beginning any fitness program or nutritional supplement.
Minor hiccup with Rafflecopter not saving entries this morning so I changed to Giveaway Tools.  If you have already used the Rafflecopter to enter, rest assured that I have your tweets and FB activity counted :)


  1. Definitely overcoming the boredom of certain programs or foods.

  2. Tracking calories... I hate it. I usually start for a week then give up.

    1. Me too Vicki. If someone hands me a menu with the proper nutritional fats/carbs/protein then I have no problem with it. But creating one myself and logging it all is just a chore that I have a hard time keeping up with. That's why I LOVE my program nutritional guides.